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Southpaw 2015

Movie Title:Southpaw
Year of Release:2015
Cast:Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Rachel McAdams, Curtis 50 Cent Jackson.
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Southpaw is an American film based on the international sports ‘Boxing’. It is a very entertaining movie on its own way exhibiting master techniques and high-end performance. The spectacular performance by Jake Gyllenhaal has won the hearts of many globally. Southpaw only narrates the story of a boxer but also speaks about a boxer’s redemption. The gripping emotion and the strength of each actor have given the film a new dimension at the box office.

The incredible performance by Jake Gyllenhaal makes him a deserving winner for the Oscar award. The film combines both boxing and drama where the viewers get to see a rollercoaster ride. The story tells where a renowned boxer loses everything at once and then stood up and fought for his successful come back. The boxer struggles his battle by his own with great effort and brutal fight. At times, the viewers get emotional with the character of Jake Gyllenhaal. The viewers emotionally get sympathize with the character. The journey of the brutal fighter has been spectacular as one could ever expect. Jake Gyllenhaal journey from an ordinary struggling boxer to a pro fighter is enticing. The boxing sequences in the film are violently shown with bloodshed and bruise on the face and body.

The character of Jake Gyllenhaal has portrayed ‘Billy Hope’. The film starts with Billy being a heavy-weight world champion but soon tragedy hits him and his family. Therefore, Billy and his family are left with nothing. However, Billy lost everything for his uncontrollable anger and temper. With this, Billy’s misfortune begins with a failed career, failed family, and bankruptcy. Meanwhile, he began to struggle again from the ground level to acquire his lost position in the boxing fraternity. With the help of the trainer ‘Tick Wills’, Billy finds a new way to get back to his boxing form once again.

Jake Gyllenhaal made a realistic portrayal of his character which made the viewing audiences awestruck. Billy Hope’s serious and committed performance throughout the film is very startling. His acting style is a major triumph for this film. The physical feature of Gyllenhaal as a fighter was truly spectacular.  The bruised swollen eyes, hardened physique, and the bloodshed intense face made his character more realistic than one could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, the music played in the background of every fighting sequence had made the film more dramatic. With this, the audiences also witness the soundtrack of the famous rapper Eminem.

Previously, there have been several films made on boxing such as ‘Rocky’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’, and many others. But Southpaw has been spectacular and startling above all with intense drama and performance by each actor.

Filmmaker Antoine Fuqua gave us a noble piece of a great drama with power pack fighting scenes. The great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal made this film stand apart than other previous films. Antoine Fuqua with his great direction skills and techniques made this film an extraordinary one at the box office. Well, we can say that ‘Southpaw’ wins over the big screen with an Oscar-worthy performance.

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