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Searching for websites to watch free movies online? Being a movie buff and I’m sure most of you are. Amidst the busy schedule, I hardly get time to go to the theatre to watch movies. Thanks to the movie streaming sites which allow me to watch my favorite movies whenever I want to. The most amazing thing is there are some websites that let you watch free movies online legally and that too free of cost!  Today I will talk about websites which allow you to watch free movies anytime you want. Another key factor is all of them are legal websites.

I know there are many movie websites available on the internet but not all of them are legal. Streaming and downloading are two different things, I personally prefer movie streaming sites since they don’t let me fall short on storage. I have tried to insert all the information about each site in the description section. Some of them even allow streaming without signup!

 Best Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies Online

1. Tubi TV

Now it’s time for movie paradise and it’s time for my favorite one too. I’m a huge fan of this site called ‘Tubi TV’. It has a wide selection of free movies and TV series stored in their library. You will get both new and old movies on this platform. Some of the favored flicks which you will get here are Hostel, The hurt locker, The takedown, Snitch and many more. The website is accessible from various devices such as Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, IOS, Android, etc. The media player of the site is worth mentioning. It offers subtitles for every possible content and allows you to rewind and forward as well.

2. Vudu

This is basically a rental website which allows its users to rent movies from their library. But it has a separate section which allows the users to stream films for free. Again, like most of the free movies streaming sites, this one is also ad-supported. But look at the bright side, you are getting everything for free, so you should not really complain much!

Their content catalog is extensive enough and it includes Anime, Cartoons, Comedy club, drama so on and so forth. You can browse through the genre to find out your favorite ones. Popular flicks such as Survivor, The Machinist, Resident evil, Drive angry, etc.

3. Sony Crackle

This site never fails to amaze me. Sony Crackle is on the list with a huge collection to stream free movies online. The website is owned by Sony, All you need to do is sign up and create your own watchlist. The website is worthy enough as it offers such popular movies in free which you won’t be able to get on any other sites. Some of the well-known flicks available on the website are, Seinfeld, insidious, Grudge, Men in Black, Spiderman, Resident Evil, etc.

Since it is a free website, the contents are ad-supported. So, be prepared if a few ads pop up while streaming your favorite movies on this site. The service of Crackle could be restricted to a few countries, in that case, you can take the help of a VPN to unblock the site.

4. Popcornflix

This is one of the free movie streaming sites with a huge collection of movies and TV shows. You are allowed to browse through the categories such as action, horror, drama, comedy, etc in order to explore more. Similar to Netflix, Popcornflix produces its original content under the name of popcornflix originals.

Now let’s talk about the user interface which clearly makes it one of my favorite free movie websites. The user interface is extremely handy and user-friendly. There are only two primary categories movies and series. If you go to one of these categories you will find multiple genres under these main categories to choose from.  Some of the popular movies available on the site are Blackwater, Star Trek, The Exorcist, etc.

5. YouTube

It has been a few months that YouTube has launched a segment called YouTube movies where you can watch free movies online. You get to stream popular hit movies like IP Man, The Terminator, Zookeeper, Legally Blonde, etc.

Don’t want to spend on paid subscription services like Hulu or Netflix?  YouTube movies are the perfect destination to stream movies free of cost.  As of now, they have more than 1000 movies stored in their movie library. From 2020, YouTube might invest in producing their original content. So, the library will grow richer and larger in the time to come. However, the free streaming of movies are only restricted to US region, people from other parts of the world can consider the other options down below!

6. IMDB Freedive

free movies on IMDB

This one is a newly launched website but worthy enough to be at no 6 on the list. Since Amazon owns this website, the US-based fire TV owners can use it for free. People from other parts of the world may use a proxy server to unblock the site.

Their library is pretty rich and most of the TV shows and movies that you get here are not available on other free and legal streaming sites. Some of the hit free movies that are available on the site are Memento, Midnight in Paris, Born this way, etc.

7. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the best streaming sites to watch free movies online. The podium is well known for it’s free as well as it’s paid services. They have a good collection of movies and pre-recorded TV shows in their free library. The user interface is quite user-friendly. The website is a good source of watching Bollywood movies, Hollywood, and several Indian contents.  They have an app as well which makes streaming easier for the users!

The content on Hotstar is fire. The astonishing facts about Hotstar are that free content on the website is equally good. Giving access to Series like Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, Hotstar is undoubtedly the best website to watch TV shows online with a variety of movies and sports.

8. The Roku Channel

free movies on IMDB

This is another newly launched website and no 8 on the list. Roku has recently launched it. You don’t have to possess any of the Roku Devices to access the website. All you to do is sign up and you are good to go. With movies and TV shows, one can get a hand on live TV.

The user interface is pretty simple, you can browse through the categories to choose what you want to watch.  However, this website is available in the United States only, if you are from any other country you may need a VPN to access the site.

9. Pluto TV

We have almost reached the end of our list. Pluto TV is a versatile platform to stream content online. This one gives you a real TV-like experience. It offers an extensive movie library with 75+ channels as well. You can stream free movies or watch the channels whenever you want.  The channels are categorized into various sections like Tech, sports, news, etc.

Some of the channels are available in the US. If you are from any other country then you can take the help of a VPN to access it. Live TV and free movies, this is what Pluto TV is all about.

10. Snagfilms

watch free movies snagfilms

So finally we have Snagfilms, a website to watch free movies online. This is one of such websites which let you stream classic hits. If you are fond of classic movies them this is a one-stop destination for you. You don’t need to sign up to watch their content.

You can watch various documentaries and videos on topics related to family, drama, Environment, World History, etc. The only drawback might be that you will not be able to spot any latest released films on this site.


Q1. Are these movie websites safe?

Ans. Yes. Since these are legal websites, they are completely safe. You can stream movies without being worried.

Q2. What are the best picks amongst these websites?

Ans. Well all of them are fabulous, but Tubi TV, Crackle and Popcornflix are my personal favorite. If you are a fan of classic then Snagfilms is there.

Q3. Do I need to sign up to watch free movies online?

Ans. Well, that depends on the sites. Most of them don’t require signup but some of them do.  For more details go to the description section and find more about the platform.

Q4. Do they have any hidden charges?

Ans. No. They don’t have any hidden charges. Just click and play the movie.

Q5. How to unblock the movie websites which are not available in my region?

Ans. You may use a VPN to unblock these movie streaming sites. There are lots of good free and paid VPN you can use.

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