Doctor Strange 2016

Doctor Strange 2016

Movie Title:Doctor Strange
Year of Release:2016
Voice of:Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton.
Watch On:Jio Cinema | YouTube
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‘Doctor Strange’ is one of the biggest films from the Marvel series with a bold new direction and cinematography. Doctor Strange comes with a fresh story with brilliant direction that keeps the audience energetic from one plot to the next. The plot is so engrossing that it doesn’t waste any moment from the film. The film sets the perfect mood for the viewing audiences in the theatre creating that iconic theme for its hero ‘Doctor Strange’. The cinematographic visuals set a new milestone with the electrifying adaption of the comic series. The film sets a fresh mood among the audiences which other superhero films lacks in their direction and presentation. The narrative of this film has taken a revolutionary step in its storytelling presentation.

Doctor Strange played by ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ is portrayed as a neurosurgeon who exhibits that rich and genius look in nature. At the beginning of the story, Doctor Strange and Tony Starks had a rival ego clash among each other. On the other hand, Doctor Strange has a peculiar issue of ego problem which makes him invulnerable in nature.

The story begins Strange driving a car and loses control where he met a terrible accident. This brutal accident, unfortunately, makes Strange wreck his hand. This accident completely changed Strange’s life where he knew he will never be the same man again. With this, Strange goes through multiple surgeries but it fails one after the other. The world of medicine and science has completely failed upon him. Meanwhile, Strange comes under the tutorial guidance of Tilda Swinton in Nepal. This man helped him magically to get into the world of majestic and magic. With this, the film has played with lots of colours which has helped Strange to look even beyond the darkness. It took Strange to the dark beauty of outer space. Strange being the most egoistic man in the opening of the film has made him a mystic man in the world of dark beauty.

The viewers have also watched Strange become wrapped by several hands as though out of a bad dream. He skips between measurements that take after the dim magnificence of space to those that are a kaleidoscope of hues. Indeed, even a man as self-important as Strange can’t deny what he’s appeared.

Strange might be a character that cuts excessively near the model of rich, narcissistic white men with which superhuman movies are fixated. In any case, the film had the chance to accomplish something other than what’s expected, by indicating the inside of a character compelled to reevaluate all that he knows and the idea of reality itself. Rather, “Doctor Strange” falls into some huge account botches.

While Doctor Strange is primarily an action-packed film with incredible activity scenes and special visualizations, it additionally has ground-breaking dialogues and solid exhibitions that add to the nature of narrating. However, with impeccable special effects that would even make you feel like magic do exist, Doctor Strange brought Magic into the MCU, which open up an altogether unique universe. This enables an engaging film to turn into an outwardly impeccable engaging film that would leave you needing more.

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